Harvard Business Review Press, Surfing, Pinterest, More: Afternoon Buzz, September 15, 2012

Here’s some good news for you: Harvard Business Review Press has gone DRM-free. And platform independent. TechDirt sez: “Additionally, HBR is offering multiple formats which gives readers more options and keeps them from being locked into any particular device.” But it also notes that sometimes it’s cheaper to get an HBR offering on Amazon (which has DRM) than it is to get it directly from HBR itself. I have liked HBR’s offerings for a long time — I took several of the online management mininars last year — and now I think I like them more.

Very clever! Using a Google Doc as a Web site uptime monitor.

The Surfing Heritage Foundation has announced a new YouTube site and online database.

The endangered language Iwaidja is going to get a new iOS app that includes field tools for recording phrases and words in the language.

And now, New words in the Collins Online Dictionary. Amazeballs?

AAA has launched a new database for people to determine whether medications they’re taking will impair driving. Seems to be too general.

The founder of Friendster (remember Friendster?) has launched a new service for news aggregation based on social networks. It’s in beta so all I could do is get on the signup list, but I’m hopeful. What I would really really want? Something that watches my Twitter feed, pulls out links, extends them all from short services, removes the duplicates, and puts them somewhere for me to review. Twitter sucks as an information tool because you can’t sit there on your stream all day. At least I can’t.

So apparently 1 in 5 US women are using Pinterest. I’m trying, but I don’t get Pinterest. Maybe if the boards had RSS feeds so watching them wasn’t so far out of my way.

This is great: turning phone books into mini-libraries. I love it! Good afternon, Internet…

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