Dopamine, Jazz, Facebook, Grocery Stores in Michigan, More: Morning Buzz, September 16, 2012

Possibly handy tips: How to record clear audio on a mobile phone.

Feeling addicted to texting and Twitter? Blame it on the dopamine.

CalArts is putting 23 years’ worth of albums in a new online archive. “The annual CalArts Jazz CD project, led by Jazz Studies faculty member David Roitstein and produced by Capitol/EMI, is a compilation of works written and performed by students of The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts and recorded/engineered at Capitol Studios in Hollywood.”

I don’t often call press releases lovely, but this is a lovely press release. “In response to the growing demand to make research free and available to anyone with a computer and an internet connection, a diverse coalition today issued new recommendations that could usher in huge advances in the sciences, medicine, and health.”

Marissa Mayer is passing out smartphones at Yahoo. This is pretty smart; I hope it encourages those brilliant engineers (seriously; Yahoo has great talent) to re-evaluate the mobile phone as an ecosystem and reconsider what can be done for it.

Facebook and Google have teamed up to help launch an online safety platform for teens.

The state of Michigan has launched a new online database for food inspections in grocery and convenience stores.

A new online archive from the University of Rochester provides insight into 19th century progressive movements. “The papers cover a full century, from 1817 to 1918, with the majority of the material falling during the nearly 50-year span from 1823 to 1872. They include extensive resources related to the Post’s activities in the abolitionist, Spiritualist, and women’s rights movements.” Several other topics are covered as well.

Gettin’ meta with a curated selection of Pinterest-type sites. Good morning, Internet…

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