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Internet Explorer, Google Maps, Slashdot, ESPN Gets Its Moosh On, More: Morning Buzz, September 20, 2012

Remember that Internet Explorer security problem I mentioned a couple days ago? Microsoft has rolled out a temporary fix until it can get a full patch done.

Wow, Slashdot was sold again. It’s the measure of how times have changed that this didn’t make much of a ripple in my RSS feed reader.

Twitter has announced changes to its profile pages. Here’s a good roundup.

Google has been collecting interior imagery for a long time, and is (finally) making it easier to find in Google Maps.

Speaking of maps, now Amazon has a maps API (sort of.) Wait. What?

Live satellite images of your house. On one hand, WAY COOL. On the other hand, WAY CREEPY.

Speaking of land, a new geographic map search tool is now available. “LandEx (for “Landscape Explorer”) uses the National Land Cover Dataset 2006 (NLCD2006), a very large map derived from Landsat multispectral images, to enable example-based queries for localities across the United States having patterns of land cover similar to user-selected reference. In other words, if a user selects a specific area within the United States, LandEx will identify all areas in the United States with similar patterns of land-cover.”

Holy bean dip. Gnip now has access to Twitter’s entire archive, back to 2006.

Congress has a new search engine! Details here.

ESPN has mooshed (that’s a technical term) all its content together into one frankenfeed. Over a thousand items a day, though filtering is available. Good morning, Internet…

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