Twitter, Emoticons, Wikipedia, More: Morning Buzz, September 21, 2012

The University of Houston has a new archive available: “Blanche Espy Chenoweth, Her Life, Her Times, contains photographs documenting the life of Blanche Espy Chenoweth during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.”

Twitter is trying to get people to send tweets to Facebook? That makes no sense. They’re two different communication styles. It would be like calling my mother and talking in texts. has published a new archive of naval certificates.

Happy birthday emoticon: it’s 30 years old.

The Aviary online photo editing suite has gone away.

UC Irvine has joined the Coursera initiative.

A new Atlanta, Georgia digital archive has just gotten started: “Dubbed “Planning Atlanta: A New City in the Making, 1930s-1990s,” it’s a fascinating collection of 130 maps dating back to Atlanta’s Depression era planning efforts; it’ll ultimately contain over 1,500 maps and 250 planning publications.”

A tool to make books out of Wikipedia articles? Sounds slick. Know what I’d really like? To pick a movie out from IMDB, and automatically have Wikipedia generate a book made up of articles about every available cast member. Often I watch a movie and I want to learn more about this actor or that actor….

The Boston Globe and MIT are teaming up for a new media collaboration. “The collaboration is funded with $250,000 in support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, allowing the MIT and the Globe to work continuously together to share ideas and bring projects to life through the two-way communication of a university outreach coordinator and a creative technologist. Four Civic Media research fellowships will also be available in the Globe Lab, an innovation center within The Boston Globe. The fellows will work at the Globe during academic breaks, with two working for a month in January and two working three months in the summer.”

Niiiiiiiice. How to get RSS feeds for Google+.

The Library of Congress has launched a new magazine. How retro! Good morning, Internet…

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