Twitter, Wolfram|Alpha, Yahoo, A Surprising Amount of Ranting, More: Morning Buzz, September 24, 2012

As you might have noticed from my recent article about using it with Flickr, I’m crazy in love with the Web tool IFTTT right now. Recently it announced that it would no longer support using Twitter as a “trigger” in its recipes, because of changes to the Twitter API and its requirements. When I read that I felt cold all over, because I feel like it’s the beginning of the end for Twitter. This isn’t even about posting to the service. This is about tying in an information flow from the service, and making it essential to other things. From the outside it looks like Twitter is trying harder and harder to isolate itself and be very picky about how it shares its user-generated content, which is very 1998 of it. The Next Web feels much like I do and expresses it more eloquently. I will still use Twitter, but when it comes to making it part of my personal infoecosystem, no. I don’t trust it. Which means eventually I’ll find other sources and stop using it.

Keeping up with iOS bargains using AppsGoneFree. I admit I buy a lot of apps. I remember very clearly all the boxed software I bought and how much it costs, and it blows my mind the useful stuff I can get for just a couple of bucks.

Emory University has archived the Occupy Wall Street tweets. “Emory Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Commons (DiSC) has collected more than 10 million tweets about the Occupy Wall Street movement and shaped them into visualizations, like word clouds and heat maps.” Also? Twap.

Wolfram|Alpha has released a couple of new apps: Wolfram Isotopes Reference App and Wolfram Radiation Protection Reference App.

Kara Swisher asks: What will Marissa Mayer do? “Now comes the hard part: Actually beginning to make the significant decisions about how she’s going to turn around Yahoo and what the key issues of strategic focus need to be.” I disagree completely. With her background and experience, Ms. Mayer probably has a pretty good sense of what she wants to do. The hard part is going to be getting buy-in and momentum from the employees who have spent the last couple of years being demoralized and jerked around.

A list of the Top 50 Social Media blogs to Watch in 2013. I read about ten of these.

YouTube is beta testing a new feature that will allow users to add quizzes to videos. Details at Engadget.

Happy 10th birthday, Google News. Good morning, Internet…

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