Java, Google, Yahoo, More: Morning Buzz, September 26, 2012

Another day, another dollop of evidence that Java has more holes than a colander convention. Details at Ars Technica.

Google Maps, now with underwater pictures. They’re breathtaking. At the same time, Google’s running out of spaces to map. I expect to one day go to the Google Maps Blog and see “Google Maps.. WE’RE IN YOUR HEAD!”

The University of Canterbury has released a new site to document the Canterbury earthquakes (September 2010 and February 2011).

Okay it’s 2012 and we still don’t have any jet packs, but Google’s Sergey Brin says we’ll have robot cars soon.

Historical programs from the Cherokee Indian Fair (1929-1950, excepting the years of WWII) have been posted online. “These programs, printed each year by the Cherokee Indian Fair Association, typically were 20 to 30 pages each and listed the competition categories and monetary prizes awarded to winners.”

Interesting! How Journalists are Using Pinterest. Also links to How Journalists are Using Instagram.

We’re getting some hints of the plans at Yahoo. “Speaking at Yahoo’s Sunnyvale, California headquarters, Mayer stressed the importance of personalizing Yahoo’s Web services and adapting the company’s products to mobile devices, AllThingsD reported.” Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Space, that space between your ears, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Google, its 5 year mission: to explore every ganglion of cerebral matter, to seek out new data and new networks, to boldly go where no company formerly known as a search engine, but now is involved with all aspects of your life, has gone before.

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