Architecture, Tumblr, Google, More: Morning Buzz, September 27, 2012

Wow! The Southern California Institute of Architecture has released a new archive of lectures recorded at the school since 1974. “It includes some 600 videos that span more than 3,000 catalogued topics and more than 1,000 hours of footage.”

Nice article from Ian Smith: Effective Tumblr Searching.

Google has added YouTube support to its “Takeout” service.

Interesting: the Seattle Police Department has launched a series of six automated Twitter feeds to cover reports in different areas of the city. Nice page design too.

The .xxx top level domain is getting its own search engine. You can guess the topic. I gotta say, I could not stop laughing at the quotes in this article.

Phil Bradley tipped me off that Rollyo has shut down. If you have a Google account I recommend Google Custom Search.

Google Maps has added Street View imagery of Chile and Croatia.

Network World has an article about the very funny Replacement Google, which is a parody of the NFL referee kerfuffle using Google. The site’s creator is amiably expecting to be C&D’d upside the head any minute now. Enjoy the site while you can. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. In the .xxx TLD article one line — apparently without irony or winking — just cracked me up. The speaker is concerned that Google et al. may be intentionally and “unfairly” pushing porn sites off the front page of search results, and he says, The adult industry is feeling a little bit deranked. That verges on whatever category of humor includes Tom Swiftie jokes.

    [Ah: Wikipedia says they’re wellerisms.]

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