AOL, Ubuntu, Microsoft, GMail, Lots More: Big Bucket O’ Buzz, October 2, 2012

AOL has announced that its entire video library will be distributed via YouTube. It’ll be split up into 22 channels. “The deal brings nearly 20,000 high-quality videos from leading AOL brands, including The Huffington Post, TechCrunch and Moviefone, to YouTube’s audience.”

Ubuntu 12.10 is now in Beta 2. It’ll be out of beta, patched completely, and all the way to deprecation before I’ll be able to spell “Quantal Quetzal” without looking.

What a great idea — a B to B resource exchange in Michigan called
The EXchange. “Businesses and organizations can place notices of materials they are looking to unload within different categories on the EXchange site. These categories range from fiberglass to computers to solvents to construction or packaging materials. When an interested party contacts the supplier, the two of them work out the details confidentially, with no fees or hassle.”

Mashable sez that Microsoft will launch its own news operation on October 26. But: “The news site will only be available for users with Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10.” NEWSFLASH: What a pile of horse apples.

More crowdsourcing science: this time it’s fish counting.

There’s a new recipe search engine on the scene — it’s called KitchenPC, and you can see its press release here. Lots of search options, quick, nice interface — took a brief look at it and was really impressed.

Handy: GMail now searches for text inside attachments.

Phil Bradley takes a look at the new search engine Polyfetch.

Barry Schwartz reports on major changes to the Google Image Search ranking.

YouTube will be streaming the presidential and vice-presidential debates live. Here’s hoping that the other candidates who are not being allowed to participate will post their responses on YouTube as well.

More Lifehacker: 8 Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity. Screen Capture is all that and a box of curly fries.

Congratulations to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer on the birth of her son. Good morning, Internet…

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