Transit Alerts, a WWI Diary, Architecture of Las Vegas, More: Morning Buzz, October 3, 2012

Here is your crazy-specific, unsual archive of the day: a digital archive of all service alerts issued by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York City. It goes back so October 2008 and currently has over 56,000 entries. You can read about it here. And it has an RSS feed! Unfortunately when I went to look it, it was offline. Hopefully it’ll be back soon.

A mother’s diary from WWI has been digitized and put online. “Students from Trinity College Dublin and University College Cork (UCC) have transcribed and digitised 132 entries from the diary of Mary Martin, a widow and mother of 12 living in south Dublin. She started writing on New Year’s Day 1916 after receiving word her son Charlie was missing in action on the Salonika front in the Balkans.”

Canada’s CPAC has announced a new digital archive. “As part of its 20th anniversary celebrations, CPAC announced today the upcoming launch of The CPAC Digital Archive: Rewinding the Public Record. It will include thousands of hours of prime political programming, from the proceedings of the House of Commons to the inquiries that made the headlines, available at the touch of a keyboard.”

Oooh, I think I’ve a found a new timesink, a digital archive of casino architecture. “The project, dubbed “Dreaming the Skyline: Resort Architecture and the New Urban Space,” is composed of 2,000 artifacts documenting Vegas’s evolution from sleepy desert rest-stop to extravagant neon metropolis.”

Google is now offering 24/7 Chrome Support for Google Apps customers. Now if it’d just offer NoScript….

Hmm — a tool for making Web sites from DropBox folders. And apparently this is a thing — there are many such tools available. I like.

The Medical Heritage Library is getting some new content: “The NIH Library has scanned an important collection of over 800 annual reports and other program materials issued by NIH Institutes and Centers dating from the 1950s to the 1990s. Each annual report consists of a list of investigators, project summaries, and individual project reports that describe objectives, methods, and major findings.” It’s free and in the Internet Archive. (I’m ResearchBuzz, come by and say hi) has a new client for making chat rooms. It’s called Patter and it’s here: Good morning, Internet…

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