Genealogy, Google, Opera, More: Short Morning Buzz, October 6, 2012

Randy Seaver shares his top ten genealogy tools.

Tumblr — now with official analytics software? Wow.

Floating Sheep visualizes the Twitter reaction to the first 2012 presidential debate.

Opera 12.10 is now in beta. I currently use Chromium, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera on my desktop (pretty much at the same time) and while Opera doesn’t wow me like it used to when it was my regular browser several years ago, I still consider it solid and useful.

Interesting: How Google Drive Makes it Easier to Teach Writing.

Google has settled its longrunning lawsuit with the AAP over Google Books. That is not the end of the Google Books litigation, however…

More Google, this time Maps: Street View is now available on your mobile browser. “Is this where I am?” “Yes, this is where I am.”

Hey! The OED wants you to help crowdsource the history of the English language with OED Appeals. “The Appeals are a new part of the Oxford English Dictionary website where OED editors ask for your help in uncovering the history of particular words and phrases. Each appeal is an invitation to assist OED editors in finding the earliest recorded date (or some other key aspect) of a word, to provide an accurate picture of when it made its first appearance in English.” Good morning, Internet…

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