Elsevier, Butterflies, Facebook, Lots more! Big Sunday Morning Buzz, October 7, 2012

More math journal articles available from Elsevier — “In a third ‘open letter to the mathematics community’, Elsevier have announced that, for ‘the primary mathematics journals’, they now offer free access to all articles over four years old. The details page shows that 53 journals are involved.”

VERY nice article: How to use social media in newsgathering.

A field guide to 117 species of butterflies found in northern California? There’s an app for that.

When I posted the article about Chrome productivity extensions to Twitter, it got a square ton of clicks. Y’all like productivity. So here’s a huge article from Buffer on 100 productivty sites, tools, and tips.

Smashing Magazine tipped me to Sejda, an online PDF manipulation tool. It encrypts, splits, rotates, merges, mixes, etc. (There is no evidence that it slices and dices.)

Facebook now has one billion active users. And at least fifty of them are named Nanny Ogg. Just saying.

The British Film Institute is going to launch an online archive/player. “…more than 450,000 cans of the nation’s film are stored at a secret location in Warwickshire and the BFI said it was committed to digitising 10,000 films by 2017…”

Over four dozen universities were breached and personal records stolen, with some of the records being dumped online.

Search engine Wolfram|Alpha can now solve word problems! Good, because I still don’t get the ones that start with “Two trains leave Chicago at 10:38am”….

YouTube adds new features for teachers.

A new online archive for South Asia is on the way. “Dr Sharmishta Gooptu, Prof Boria Majumdar, Manoj Joshi and Srinjani Joshi … set up the South Asia Research Foundation in Kolkata, pouring in their own funds into sourcing rare historical documents from private collectors, libraries and archivists. Next month, their dream, the ‘South Asia Archive’, will finally be launched, making available over five million pages of history in partnership with global publisher Routledge.”

Wanna find Instagram images by location? Check out Worldcam! Good morning, Internet…

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