Columbia, Google, Rockies, More: Short Monday Morning Buzz, October 8, 2012

The editors of the Columbia Spectator have announced a new online archive. It’s not up yet — it’s being put online in phases.

Google’s got a big list of its search engine tweaks for September.

More Google: an announcement of live Google Hangouts for teachers.

The New York Times reports that YouTube will be announcing more channels today.

The yearbooks of Wingate University, starting from 1924, are now available online.

This article alerted me to the Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive, at All the collections are great, but the Whitham images — the Rockies and similar areas from the early 20th century — some of them are absolutely breathtaking.

I am only linking to this article about people not needing a 3-D printer in their home because it immediately reminded me of the probably-apocryphal quote by Thomas Watson about there being a world market for only five computers. Good morning, Internet…

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