Math Search, Google, Twitter, More: Morning Buzz, October 9, 2012

The Next Web has an interesting article about a new search engine for mathematical content: Symbolab. “Symbolab uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide the most relevant search results that are theoretically and semantically similar, rather than visually similar. In other words, it does a semantic search, understanding the query behind the symbols, to get results.” I guess this is when you’re too mathy for even Wolfram|Alpha…

Google is facing a class action lawsuit in Canada over GMail privacy.

More Google: it’s testing micropayments for content. I think I’d rather pay 99 cents and buy an eBook on Amazon (that I could take any number of places and read) than pay the same amount for a Web-based article. Not seeing this.

Hmm, I don’t think this what they meant by the Bing Challenge.
“Almost two of every three malicious redirects in major search engines are found on Bing, according to a new report from the web security firm Sophos.”

Twitter now has a user directory.

More Twitter: .net reports that Twitter is not adhering to its own display requirements. This is really crazy. It reminds me of when AltaVista went straight to hell. Dear Twitter: for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, CHARGE FOR THE API. Please don’t put all your eggs in the advertising basket.

Want to see YouTube’s list of new channels? Here ya go.

The New York Times covers, described as “a genome project for the world of art”. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any Stanton MacDonald-Wright in it yet, so I couldn’t explore… sounds like a great idea…

The Arizona Geology blog (love that blog) tipped me to a new Web site for geothermal data in the US. “You can search for data from 50 state geological surveys and a number of geothermal research centers and build mashups of maps or search through thousands of scanned reports.”

A professor of communications talks to friends who are vocal about politics on social media. What was interesting to me is that only half the people he spoke to believed they would change any minds with their statements. I am not unfriending anybody, but I will continue with my normal politics — in all things I will pull for the Chicago Cubs. Good morning, Internet…

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