YouTube, Chatbots, Twitter, Geometry, More: Morning Buzz, October 10, 2012

Publishers putting up YouTube content without captions? You can report it.

Chatbots! 10+ Interesting IM Chatbots to Add as Contacts.

This is a bit old but I just found it: the University of Iowa Libraries are processing The James L. ‘Rusty’ Hevelin Collection of Pulps, Fanzines, and Science Fiction Books and doing the “unboxing” on Tumblr.

Is Twitter considering a video service? I hope not. I wouldn’t see the point..

GMail has announced the addition of more than 100 virtual keyboards and other tools for communicating across languages.

WOW! Great article for teachers, Connecting students to Geometry through Twitter.

Linda B. wrote in to tell me about The Dictionary of Sydney, at As you might expect it’s an encyclopedia of information covering Sydney, Australia, and contains over 690 entries and over 2700 multimedia items. Thanks Linda!

Firefox 16 has been released.

The New York Times has an article about increasing scrutiny of Google’s smartphone patents by the FTC.

Wow. I use Evernote but this is crazy ambitious: How to run your business in Evernote. Good morning, Internet…

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