Petabytes, YouTube, Firefox, More: Morning Buzz, October 14, 2012 CEO says that the search wars are over and Google’s won. And if you don’t mind, please consider it to be the result of my years-long frustration with Ask when my first response to such a statement is, “And that is why Ask has 3.5% of the search market.”

The Internet Archive now contains ten petabytes of data. Superwow! A petabyte, for those of you playing along at home, is one million gigabytes.

YouTube is adding time watched as a ranking factor for its videos. Smart.

Hey! It’s an app shootout for! Now how about one for the Kindle Fire?

An AP story says that US regulators are moving closer to suing Google.

Amit Agarwal is so cool! His latest — see all your Google contacts on a Google Map.

Satellite images will be licensed under Creative Commons: “The new Landsat 8 satellite is scheduled to be launched in early 2013 … As soon as possible after receipt and processing, GA will make the satellite images publicly available free of charge. GA will make the data available under a Creative Commons CC BY Australia 3.0 licence, which will facilitate legal reuse of the images.”

Firefox 16 had some security issues, so Firefox 16.01 has already been released.

Genealogist Dear Myrtle is going to start charging for archived versions of her Webinars. $10 a pop is a steal. You go Myrt.

Dick Eastman notes that North Dakota is going to put 500,000 photos online. They’re going up via Historypin.

How many tweets were sent during the Vice-Presidential debate? Try 3.5 million. If you were following my Twitter feed that night, you might have felt like half of them were from me… good morning, Internet…

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