Ireland, Brazil, Blekko, Twitter, More: Morning Buzz, October 19, 2012

Hey! This week I am doing my annual blogging of the North Carolina State Fair. Most of those posts have nothing to do with ResearchBuzz topics (though you’re welcome to read about my bacon ice cream taste test if you really want to) but I did do an article about using an iPhone and camera apps to capture the images of the Fair. you can read about it here.

The National Library of Ireland has launched a YouTube channel. Sweet!

Wow, Brazilian newspapers have left Google News. I don’t know about compensating for headlines, though. Fair use? I mean, it’s not like Gooogle is hosting the whole story… in the meantime, Google may end up losing French sites as well.

More Google: it has released a new Chromebook.

Even more Google: Google Books’ Ngram Viewer has a new version.

Even even more Google: Google has announced to addition of 25 million new building footprints to Google Maps.

Blekko has announced new and improved SEO tools.

Looks like the Georgia (US) archives are getting a reprieve. “The extra funding provides for Georgia State Archives to be open to the public through June 30 of next year. On July 1, the Georgia Archives will be transferred to University System of Georgia, pending approval of the move by the General Assembly.”

Twitter calendar/diary tool Twistory has died. “After more than four years, we pulled the plug on Twistory. Twitter’s recent API restrictions, as well as the fact that all three of us are involved in a number of other time-consuming initiatives, left us no choice but to take that highly unpleasant decision.”

Looks like British Columbia will be supporting open textbooks shortly after California signed an open textbook initiative into law. “The government of British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province, has announced its support for the creation of open textbooks for the 40 most popular first- and second-year courses in the province’s public post-secondary system. The texts will be available for free online, or at a low cost for printed versions, to approximately 200,000 students.”

Ubuntu 12.10 has been released. Good morning, Internet…

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