Neil Young, Blekko, Arlington Cemetery, Google, More: Big Wednesday Afternoon Buzz, October 24, 2012

Neil Young is having a Twitter chat today. A bit off topic and I apologize, but I quite like Neil Young… of course, if you want to make your own music on Twitter, try Tweetphony.

Search engine blekko has a new tutorial available.

The International Vintage Poster Dealers Association has announced its online fall poster exhibit. “The ABC’s of Original Vintage Posters: An Exhibition of Educational Posters” is available at

Tech blog ReadWriteWeb has rebranded as ReadWrite.

Carlos B. sent me a note concerning a new collection of digitized books about Sinaloa, Mexico. The page, in Spanish, is available at Carlos says “We’ll put Google Books to a shame, well maybe in a century or two.” DREAM BIG CARLOS!

The Abbey Theatre in Ireland is getting a digital archive.

Arlington Cemetery’s grave sites are now searchable online. The story makes it sound like the “desktop version” is an application or something — it isn’t. It’s a Web-accessible database.

Google’s being sued for patent infringement. The offending product? Google Wallet.

More Google: it has announced several updates to Google News.

So smart! How to date family photos with vintage fashion ads in newspapers.

Five ways Marissa Mayer plans to change Yahoo.

Check out these 25 most popular passwords of 2012. “The rankings were created by SplashData who gathered the data from the millions of stolen passwords posted online by hackers in 2012 and ranked them in order of popularity.” What is it with “monkey” being such a popular password? Good afternoon, Internet…

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