Anthropocene, EEOC, Google, Yahoo, More: Morning Buzz, October 25, 2012

There’s a new search engine coming to Italy.

The Teesdale Mercury (UK paper) is getting a digital archive. “The Teesdale Mercury will launch the giant database on Wednesday after every available page of the paper from its first edition until 1955 was digitally recorded.”

Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene is not a pulp science fiction novel. Instead, it’s a new peer-reviewed scientific journal which will be available free online. “A number of scientists say we have moved into a new geologic epoch, which they are informally calling ‘anthropocene.’ This new period in time, they say, is defined by the profound impact humans are having on the world.”

Washington University in St. Louis has launched a database of 2,300 EEOC cases. “The EEOC Litigation Project contains all types of court decisions—published and unpublished, final and non-final, written and summary—as well as all types of outcomes—default, settlement, pretrial adjudication, and judgment after trial.”

Google Instant showing suggestions from Web pages?

Up next from Google Maps: the Grand Canyon.

Real estate search engine Zillow has added what it calls “pre-market inventory” — mostly houses that have been foreclosed on or are in the process of foreclosure.

RIP, another victim of Twitter’s new rules.

Yahoo is apparently closing down its Korean business (this is developing as I write this Wednesday evening.)

Lifehacker mentions Zapier as a service similar to/complementary to IFTTT. Just what I need: TWO timesinks. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. I’ve been using Zapier to post Google Drive document uploads to Yammer, it has its beta warts but there’s good potential there. Well worth playing with.

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