Sandy, Linux, Michigan, Food, GMail, More: Morning Buzz, October 28, 2012

The Washington Post offers 7 apps to get you through Hurricane Sandy.

Larry Ferlazzo has started a Hurricane Sandy resource list. Here’s another one from Laughing Squid.

Speaking of Sandy, Google has cancelled Monday’s Nexus event because of the weather. “The waterfront pier where the event had been scheduled is now in an evacuation zone.” o_O (There have actually been plenty of cancels — Dear Myrtle has has rescheduled a couple of webinars as well.)

Ooh, I need to hang on to this article: The best free tools for creating a bootable Windows or Linux USB drive.

The National Institutes of Health have established a Down syndrome patient registry.

Interesting. The state of Michigan is offering online training to poll workers via YouTube.

Wow, a Wikipedia for food? Brief story about BulliPedia. “It could be described as a great many things: a virtual research and development center for chefs; an online food encyclopedia; a web-based think thank; and a crowd-sourced database of culinary ideas from some of the greatest chef-minds around the world.”

Encrypting GMail with SafeGMail, a Chrome extension.

I do try to stay apolitical on ResearchBuzz, but I must admit, I love the idea of an RC airplane made from political signs. Good morning, Internet…

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