Facebook, Google, Twitter, More: Morning Buzz November 2, 2012

Is Facebook going to start its own Craigslist competitor?

Google Translate has added some new features.

More Google: GMail has launched a new feature called Smart Labels. “Once you turn it on from the Labs tab in Settings, Smart Labels automatically categorizes incoming Bulk, Notification and Forum messages, and labels them as such.”

Even more Google: Google Hangouts has some new features. I saw this yesterday while I was using a Hangout and it looks like the sidebar is the big deal. So much easier to use.

Drexel is trying to drink from the Twitter firehose with a new program called TwitterZombie. “The software gathers data generated from a series of searches that are schedule to be executed at regular intervals through Amazon’s cloud computing platform. One of the advantages of the programs is that it’s able to capture nearly all of the data from thousands of search phrases simultaneously.” Ooo. I hope they share.

More Twitter: Twitter has built an “engagement map” to show on a state-by-state basis how citizens are engaging with tweets from two of the presidential candidates.

There’s a new tool for getting Facebook analytics in almost real-time.

Want to see historical electoral college votes? Check out this nifty tool from

Malta is getting an online database for Land Department information.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the recent problem Cyndi Howells of genealogy site Cyndi’s List has had with someone ripping off her site and putting her years of work and life’s blood into their own for-profit endeavor. Cyndi is preparing a lawsuit. The blog of search engine Mocavo has its own take on this level of content theft. I wanted to mention it here because Cyndi’s List has been an excellent, free Internet resource for genealogists for over fifteen years now. When people do whole-site thefts like this, it hurts everybody. It hurts Cyndi because this is her job. This is how she makes a living. It hurts the genealogists because Cyndi has to do legal defense stuff instead of working on her site and making it even better. And it hurts the Internet in general because people who would love to work full time writing and creating content and helping make the Internet better have decided that it’s way too risky a way to make a living. (That would be me, among many others I’m sure.) Cyndi is having a tough time right now. If you’re on Facebook, how about dropping by her fan page and giving her a thumbs-up. These resource Web sites don’t just put themselves together. There are people behind the screens. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Great service. Something I read in detail every time. On the question of copyright, it is not just the genealogists. Adam McLean of has had material ripped from his site for many years. If you ever see a CD of alchemy texts on eBay, then the chances are 100:1 that it contains copies from his site. And, when challenged, the perpetrators are completely indifferent & even gleeful. eBay do nothing about it, either.
    I’ve also had copies of my bibliography appearing on scribd and elsewhere.

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