Instagram, Irish Directories, Louisiana, Facebook, More: Monday Morning Election Tomorrow Buzz, November 5, 2012

In honor of turning the clock back, Wolfram|Alpha asks: What could you do with an extra hour? Easy answer: sleep.

Hat tip to Dick Eastman for the pointer to this article about a massive digtizing project in New Orleans. “A marathon project is under way in New Orleans to digitize thousands of time-worn 18th-century French and Spanish legal papers that historians say give the first historical accounts of slaves and free blacks in North America. Yellowed page by yellowed page, archivists are scanning the 220,000 manuscript pages from the French Superior Council and Spanish Judiciary between 1714 and 1803 in an effort to digitize, preserve, translate and index Louisiana’s colonial past and in the process help re-write American history.”

Wow, How NBC is using Instagram to report the 2012 election. “The election is days away and NBC News is marking the occasion with Electiongrams, a site of political images posted to popular photo-sharing service Instagram. NBC is using geo-tags to display the images on a state by state basis, and will post photos uploaded with terms like #obama2012, #romney or #vote.”

Genealogists! New Irish directories are now available from Origins.

Google+ has a new support account. H/t TheNextWeb.

Larry Ferlazzo now has 997 “best of” lists. Dude.

The Louisiana Workforce Commission has launched a new site for job seekers and employers.

Noupe has an article on two new sources for free icons.

So is Facebook testing a new Pages Feed feature? After I went through all that trouble to convert the fan pages I wanted to follow to RSS and dumped them all in my feed reader? Deep sigh.

Macmillan will no longer publish a print version of its dictionary. From now on, it’s online only. Good morning, Internet…

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