Twitter, ISS, Tumblr, Instagram, Delicious!, More: The Morning After Buzz, November 7, 2012

Twitter has released its election day stats — over 31 million tweets. Wow. And we’re still in the early days of Twitter and services like it. Next election day there may very well one tweet for every vote cast — or perhaps even more?

The NIH has set up a Web page with health resources related to Hurricane Sandy.

DropBox competitor Cubby has left private beta and is open to everyone.

Google has removed the sidebar from its search results page and put those options at the top. Meh.

Wondering when the International Space Station will be over your house? NASA will e-mail you and let you know.

WOW. Tumblr has reached 20 billion monthly pageviews. YIKES.

Instagram FINALLY has Web profiles! That didn’t take too long.

An Apple lawsuit against Google (originally against Motorola) has been tossed. “Apple had been seeking to obtain licenses for some of Motorola’s patents, and wanted the court to essentially force Motorola to license them to Apple at a reasonable rate (technically called a “FRAND” rate). Apple said it would pay up to $1 per device sold, but Motorola wanted more: a 2.25% royalty payment on every device.”

Hey! Delicious is back and has a new design.You know, it’s kind of groovy. I’ll have to look into this one further.

The WWI wills of 9,000 Irish soldiers are set to go online.

Creative Commons now has an OER policy registry. OER stands for Open Educational Resources. The registry currently has over five dozen current and proposed open education resources from around the world.

Ha ha ha. Don’t want to get left behind in the MOOC craze? Check out this MOOC shaker, a course generator. I’ll be teaching “Introductory Barnyard Gentics: The Systematic Inversion Of Traditional Metaphysical Relationships Between Identity And Difference”. Good morning, Internet…

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