Google, GIF, Corruption, More: Brief Tuesday Afternoon Buzz, November 13, 2012

Ooooh, I love undocumented Google search operators. GHacks looks at one that lets you filter e-mail messages by size.

Coming soon: an online library that aggregates news and academic articles about corruption from over five dozen countries.

What’s the Word of the Year according to Oxford University Press? GIF? The press release has a list of nominations — as far as I’m concerned MOOC should get second place.

Hipmunk has lunched an advanced hotel search. “Neighborhood guides, written by local travel writers. The new hotel search feature keeps the map-based view of the old version, but now the maps are broken up into neighborhoods, which you can click on to learn more. Once you’re looking at a neighborhood that seems to fit your needs, Hipmunk will recommend the best hotel results based on a combination of price, amenities, and reviews.”

The WordPress 3.5 beta 3 is now available.

Is Yahoo’s e-mail going to get a redesign? This article calls it “‘more Gmail-like’ look”. Hope they aim higher for functionality — there are some things that are hugely frustrating about GMail’s functionality, especially filtering. Good morning, Internet…

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