Firefox, Google, Yahoo, Tree Canopies, More: Catching Up Morning Buzz, November 24, 2012

Firefox 17 is now available.

Blogger has updated its mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Hey Google, scientists can’t find that island on your maps. You know. That one island. Yeah.

Marissa Mayer is cutting the week off between Christmas and New Year’s that Yahoo employees have been getting off for ages.

CogDogBlog had a note about Wibbitz, which automatically makes a video out of your RSS feed. It’s not too bad. It would be better for something not in a roundup format like this is.

Dataist: Using Google Spreadsheet as a database. Wow! (Dataist is a sweet blog, by the way — not tons of entries but quality stuff.)

Do you want to see video of Dick Costolo’s talk at U of Michigan? Here ya go.

Qatar is getting a national library in 2014.
And: “QNL will operate a Qatar Reference Service and provide access to over 60 online databases and websites and will have over 300 public computers, wifi and multi-media production studios. QNL will partner with British Library to digitise 500.000 records relating to Qatar.”

This is an interesting map — tree canopies in Virginia! From Virginia Tech. (But it uses Silverlight, so I had to look at it on my other machine. Pfui!)

Zero-day Yahoo mail password stealing exploit? It’s on sale for $700. Yahoo’s working on it.

Wow, Thanksgiving was HUGE for Instagram!

Get too much mail? Want to make sure you make your feelings completely clear? Try this hardware gadget. I laughed a lot, but of course I would never use this — I might accidentally reply to my mother-in-law, and then where would I be? (Just for the record I have a terrific mother-in-law.) Good morning, Internet…

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