Watergate, Google, Java (AGAIN), Maps, Newspapers, More: Saturday Night Buzz, December 1, 2012

Sorry guys, I have been buried in work and am using the weekends to catch up! I love you but I am revoltingly busy! :->

December 1st is world AIDS day, and the AIDS educational poster collection is marking the occasion with 1,000 new entries.

Need some weekend reading materials? Check out these recently-released Watergate materials from It’s 36 folders of documents — about 950 pages.

Of COURSE you would call an online database of antibodies Antibodypedia. Of COURSE you would. And I’m really sorry that the name makes me giggle. Here’s more information about this free resource. “The Antibodypedia, a searchable online database of publicly available antibodies hosted in collaboration with Nature Publishing Group (NPG), has announced that it now catalogues more than 500,000 individual antibodies. These antibodies collectively detect 88 percent of the proteins encoded by the human genome. The database also holds the results of nearly 145,000 experiments performed with these antibodies, as well as 32,000 links to publications related to their use.”

Bing is getting new satellite imagery! How much? Try over 121 terabytes.

Now with Google Drive, you can send files of up to 10GB through e-mail. Yow.

Are you KIDDING ME? Another Java zero-day exploit? I don’t understand why anyone wants to have Java enabled in their browsers anymore. Too scary.

WordPress 3.5 Release Candidate 2 is now available.

The National Geologic Map Database has gotten a facelift. “A significant feature of new site is “MapView” – a visually compelling new interface that uses the latest technology to seamlessly portray the Nation’s geologic maps published by the USGS, the state geological surveys, and many others. These maps, now available through the NGMDB in several popular and easy-to-use formats, can be viewed in detail and downloaded from the various publishers.”

The University of Kansas has launched a new online archive of African-American photography. “The collection includes more than digital 1,000 images from the 2,700 photographs taken by Hughes of African American workers and their families from 1940 through the 1970s.” has started a new online newspapers archive. Wonder how much they paid for …

I didn’t know about this online dulcimer archive from Vanderbilt. Nice! Good evening, Internet…

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