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Coming soon, the German Digital Library.

There will soon be a little more transparency in Pennsylvania government. “The state plans Dec. 20 to launch PennWATCH, an online database displaying financial information for state spending and investments… Data will include expenditure descriptions, funding amounts, employee titles and salaries — much of the kind of information now accessed through Right-to-Know requests.”

I have been experimentally using an Eye-Fi card at work — this is an SD card that has Wi-Fi built in, so as you take pictures they can be automatically uploaded to your computer. When it works it’s awesome. Sadly it only works sporadically, but when it does it’s super-cool. Anyway, Eye-Fi has launched a cloud photo storage service with unlimited free storage. What you pay for, with the premium account, is the ability to sync more than two devices. It’s in private beta.

The Chicago Tribune has expanded its online archives back to 1852.

USC Virterbi School of Engineering’s Information Sciences Institute is teaming up with the Smithsonian American Art Museum for an online data project: “Online users will be able to access records of more than 40,000 artworks, which will be converted to Linked Open Data (LOD). LOD is a system that tags and publishes information that is designed to be easier to interlink into what Professor Craig Knoblock calls ‘the linked data cloud.'”

Microsoft is getting into the social network space.

Interesting article from the AP about a new search engine called Small Demons, “an encyclopedia and ‘Storyverse’ that catalogues names, places, songs, products and other categories for thousands of books.”

The USC Libraries have launched a new digital library.

Amazon has launched a unlimited content service aimed at kids. It’s available only on Fire and HD Fire, though.

The North Carolina State Archives now tracks government officials in social media.

I am not into SEO — that’s not my bag. However working with search engines as long as I have, I’ve had plenty of experiences with SEO, link building, and, let’s be frank, hucksters. There are not many people I trust to do good, effective, white hat SEO. I have known Eric Ward for many years and he’s one of the few link-building experts I do trust. he’s got a book coming out coming out next April called Ultimate Guide to Link Building: How to Build Backlinks, Authority and Credibility for Your Website, and Increase Click Traffic and Search Ranking (Ultimate Series). I have pre-ordered this book. If you’re interested in link building the right way I recommend it to you. DISCLAIMER: Eric did not ask me to do this — I’m not even sure he’ll notice. That is not an affiliate link to Amazon. I like Eric’s work, and I support white hat SEO, that’s all. Good morning, Internet…

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