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The Census Bureau is set to release the new “Easy Stats” service. “The interactive tool provides selected demographic and economic statistics from the American Community Survey. ‘Easy Stats’ allows searching by geography down to the local level, including incorporated places like cities and towns and census designated places. View detailed race, age and gender breakdowns, and compare communities.”

Oooh, look at this lovely article from Chris Sherman: When Google News Fails, Here’s How To Fix It.

The New MySpace has launched, but you need an invite.

The Folger Library has launched open-source, digital Shakespeare. “The Folger Shakespeare Library, home to the world’s largest collection of Shakespeare materials, launched the Folger Digital Texts on Thursday. It’s a set of authoritative Shakespeare plays available for free — along with the source code. Noncommercial app builders, scholars and others can use the code to build their own Shakespeare-oriented projects.”

Hmm. FourSquare now allows event listings.

Double hmmm. Ten strategic ways to optimize your Pinterest page.

QVC has acquired Oodle. This makes me twitchy but I can’t really explain why.

Interesting: Eight ways to track Twitter trends.

Lifehacker has an article about the new WunderMap, which sounds really cool: “WunderMap… displays everything from current conditions, radar, temperature, wind speed and direction, and more all in an easy to use layout. Plus, for serious weather fans, there’s even more under the hood.”

You GO, Cal State San Marcos. “In a pilot project that aims to digitize the University’s catalog of over a thousand theses and dissertations, the Kellogg Library is joining ranks with other major universities nationwide, including Virginia Tech and the University of Florida, to not only digitize their collections but require that all future manuscripts be submitted in an electronic-only format.”

Mashable has a Nice article about IFTTT, with a good overview of why it’s so awesome. I’ve been thinking about writing an end-of-year article called “THE FOUR TOOLS I STARTED USING IN 2012 THAT SAVED TIME, MONEY, AND, MORE THAN ONCE, MY BACON” (comment if you think it’d be fun) and IFTTT would definitely be on that list.

Congratulations to Search Engine Roundtable On its ninth birthday. Good morning, Internet…

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