Nobel Prize, Google, WordPress, Pinterest, More: Skinny Morning Buzz, December 8, 2012

The Nobel Prize ceremonies are going to be livestreamed.

Oh ick. Tumblr worms.

Do you search eBay a lot? Check out this new power search tool.

GMail has a new iOS app.

More Google: Google will stop offering a free version of Google Apps.

More More Google: Google Google+ Communities.

Twitter has added trends for 100 more cities.

WordPress 3.5 Release Candidate 3 is now available.

The New York Times has launched a Pinterestesque (heh) tool called Compendium.

Speaking of Pinterest: In our “Ha ha ha wow” department, a police department started having its mugshots posted to Pinterest, and it’s paying off: it’s lead to a 57% increase in arrests.

The BBC has finished its project of digitizing back issues of the Radio Times program listings — unfortunately they’re not yet available to the public. Good morning, Internet…

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