Pinterest, Dropbox, Instagram, TVA, Ada!: Afternoon Buzz, December 10, 2012

New on Pinterest: The White House. I know, right?

Whoa! Dropbox has lured Guido van Rossum, the author of Python, away from Google.

Wow. A map of all 50,000 bombs that fell on London during the Blitz.

iOS image editor Snapseed, which was purchased by Google in September, is now free.

TechCrunch asks What’s wrong with Quora?. I like Quora, but I find it hard to use, and also hard to socialize. I mean, you can answer a question, but it’s more tricky to discuss a question. Ask Metafilter strikes a much better balance imho.

In case you need some hints: 5 companies using Instagram.

A smack on Instagram? Rumor has it Twitter is going to introduce photo filters.

Meantime.. Wow. Instagram photos are no longer showing up in Twitter streams at all.

Oh, look, another social network. This one’s called Sulia.

The Tennessee Valley Authority has released a new map of undeveloped public lands suitable for public recreation. “More than 229,000 acres across TVA’s seven-state service area are available for informal recreation, including hunting, fishing, camping, biking and hiking.”

Thanks to a mention by Krista Thomas, I’m Checking out Shortmail. Haven’t done too much with it yet. has added mobile apps to its search results.

Google’s celebrating Ada Lovelace today. Good morning, Internet…

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