Flickr, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Philadelphia, More: Fat Afternoon Buzz, December 13, 2012

Wow. You know how we’ve all been talking about Twitter vs. Instagram? Eric Jackson at Forbes just took a look at the new Flickr iOS apps, and thinks Twitter and Instagram have been shown up and out. The start of his article: “The intensifying war of words between Instagram and Twitter over the past weeks has been a sideshow. Today, Yahoo! (YHOO) released the latest update of its once dominant photo sharing application Flickr for mobile on iOS. Long story short, it’s the best mobile photo app out there at the moment.” (Apparently Marissa Mayer is making Flickr development a top priority.)

Facebook has changed its privacy settings again.

Nice! 4 Fantastic, Free Things Google Drive Will Now Do For You (including hosting simple Web sites!)

Georgetown has joined the edX initiative.

Pinterest Pinterest PINTEREST! Four new Pinterest tools to try.

A new database helps source actor talent for companies making video. From the press release: “As of today, EverydayActors.com—a site that connects content producers with talent—has officially launched to the general public. Essentially, EverydayActors is an online database that showcases willing ‘everyday’ people to creatives who need actors for their video content. The service is free to the company seeking relevant talent, and includes a free trial followed by a subscription model for the everyday people interested in pursuing gigs through the platform.” (Subscriptions for talent are $20 a year.)

The Cambridge University Library has digitized and put up a new collection of religious documents. “The new additions include the Nash Papyrus – fragments of the commandments – and the Codex Bezae – a remarkable ancient copy of the New Testament.”

The city of Philadelphia has released a new tool for mapping crimes near an address. But this also sounds interesting: “A full spreadsheet of major crimes — 594,000 and counting — stretching back to January 2006 is also available for download. There’s also an API the city wants outside web developers to build new tools with.”

A large archive of Flemish art is going online.

Apparently Google is going to add security notification options? Good afternoon, Internet…

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