Zooniverse, Twitter, Firefox, More: Morning Buzz, December 13, 2012

Zooniverse’s latest “crowdsourcing for science” project — Snapshot Serengeti, identifying animals in images from the Serengeti National Park. This is a great project because even if you don’t seen any animals (and I found several zebra, some gazelles, and a couple of wildebeest) most of the scenery images are worth the review.

The state of Connecticut has launched a database that tracks school performance.

Cute article from PC World: Top 15 Google Easter eggs of 2012.

Yup, Twitter can haz photo filters now.

Firefox! 10 things to know about Firefox 17.

Do you want Instagram pictures back in your Twitter stream?

More Instagram: it has upgraded its app.

Speaking of apps, Delicious now has an iPhone app! Whee!

CNET’s is releasing a version of its site content in Spanish.

Happy sixth birthday, Search Engine Land! Good morning, internet…

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