Lots of Google, Twitter, Raspberry Pi, More: Morning Buzz, December 18, 2012

Nice: Raspberry Pi now has an apps store.

Google has put up its holiday decorations. (I don’t see any decorations for Night of the Radishes, Google…)

More Google: Google Operating System attempts to explain Google Images’ new SafeSearch settings.

Even more Google: apparently the option to block sites from appearing in search results is not working. I had not noticed this because I am old and I am still blocking in query: -site:example.com .

And the Google don’t stop: Google’s down a Guido but up a Ray; Ray Kurzweil has joined Google as director of engineering.

Rumors: Facebook will release a Snapchat competitor. With all the privacy issues Facebook has had, would you trust it with a Snapchat clone?

Now rolling out — Twitter’s promised feature to let you download your tweet archive.

The CUNY Dominican Studies Institute at The City College of New York’s Dominican Republic photo archive is now available on Flickr. “The searchable collection, titled ‘First Blacks in the Americas,’ contains more than 2,900 photographs, organized in 57 sets, of historic monuments built during the Dominican Republic’s colonial period.”

Dropbox has updated its iOS app.

Interesting: researching migraines by data mining Google searches and tweets. Good morning, Internet…

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