NORAD, Harvard,, More: Saturday Night Buzz, December 22, 2012

This year NORAD is tracking Santa using Bing Maps instead of Google Maps. “Norad said the split from Google Maps, who it had worked with to track Santa since 2007, was a mutual decision. Google now has its own virtual Santa space , which features an animated interactive tour of Santa’s village, including games and a service to offer personalized telephone calls from Santa to children.”

The Harvard Forest Archive is now searchable online.

SearchEngineLand has an extensive overview of Google’s travel properties and how they’re being pulled together.

blekko has donated its search data to Common Crawl. “Common Crawl has built an open crawl of the web that can be accessed and analyzed by everyone. The goal is building a truly open web, with open access to information that enables more innovation in research, business, and education. Common Crawl will use blekko’s metadata to improve its crawl quality, while avoiding webspam, porn, and the influence of excessive SEO (search engine optimization).” is moving towards open source: “Government developers from the U.S. and India built the OGPL jointly. They posted it to the code sharing site GitHub where other nations and developers can adopt it as is or amend it to meet their specific needs.”

An interesting analysis: the most influencial data scientists on Twitter.

Have food allergies? A team of scientists have developed a cell phone add-on that will test for food allergens on the spot.

The NLM has announced a new tool for reading PubMed articles: PubReader. “NCBI has combined the best features of a print article into PubReader. Like a printed paper, PubReader breaks an article into multiple columns and pages to improve readability and navigation. PubReader can expand a page to whatever fits on your screen-with multiple columns on a desktop monitor or a single column page on a small tablet. It will even switch to two columns if you rotate the tablet to a landscape view. When you adjust the font size or change the size of the browser window, page boundaries and columns are adjusted automatically.”

Google has helped put the Dead Sea Scrolls online. Good evening, Internet…

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