Quora, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, More: Shaking the Presents Morning Buzz, December 25, 2012

Is Quora going to expand its offerings? I thought this was very interesting because, while I like Quora, it’s hard for me to use. Rarely do I get sent questions that I love answering — searching questions or requests for tools or suggestions. It would be great if I could blend my identity and my Quora identity, and when people try to contact me through ResearchBuzz, give them the option of posting the question on Quora so I could answer it publicly if i can. (Of course they wouldn’t have to.) That would be kind of cool.

Oooh, sneaky! How to view any profile on LinkedIn.

Genes Reunited recently published a whole slew of Scottish census records, spanning 1841–1901.

I just learned about this dictionary of theatre terms. Very interesting, lots of video.

Facebook is testing a $1 charge for people to send Facebook messages to non-friends. Good grief. I don’t know about y’all but checking my Facebook mail is not exactly super-high on my priority list.

Google has confirmed another Panda update though this one is impacting less than 2% of English-language queries. Ho ho ho.

Wired has a review of a digital scanning service called 1DollarScan. Got some books you need turned into bits?

So… apparently… Yippy is buying HighBeam from Gale Group.

From All Things D: Seven Questions for Google Enterprise Chief Amit Singh. They forgot to ask, “When will all the little annoyances from Google Apps stop driving me insane?” I have used Google Apps for two years at work. The big things are great, but there are lots of small, pebble-in-the-shoe things that just drive me bonkers.

The latest on the Instagram terms of service controversy? A class action lawsuit. Good morning, Internet, and Merry Christmas.

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  1. Can you define what your ‘pebble-in-the-shoe’ issues, with Google Apps, are?
    Please feel free to email in lieu of posting 😀

    Also, I really appreciate your writing! I have been a lurker for years now. You have a knack for locating and distilling news relating to this industry that really is unique. I missed you when you went on hiatus, and am very glad that you returned!

    Happy Holidays and New Year!

  2. Aw, thanks Tom! And sorry for the delay in response; the holidays got me.

    There are tons of little crazymaking things in Google Apps, but the one that probably drives me the craziest is the Web Clips feature.

    Web Clips are those little clips above your in-box. Google chooses the content. You can no longer (as of October) even customize what sources you want to see in that space! All you can do is turn them on and off.

    The thing is that is *prime real estate* on the page. It’s the *perfect* place to show little reminders or updates to employees — not time-sensitive stuff, but basic stuff like “Check out the templates in Google Drive for signage templates and a corporate letterhead,” and “Want to learn more about x procedure? Check out our screencast!”

    It’s little chunks of information that would be exposed to employees at least dozens of times a day. It would be an amazing way to keep employees informed about basic-but-useful data. AND WE CAN’T DO IT!


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