Google, Java, EU, Ancestry, MORE MORE MORE: Stretchy Evening Buzz, December 27, 2012

Java apparently has the dubious honor of having more exploited security flaws than Adobe products.

A useful article from Ars Technica: Reinstalling Windows on a new PC

I loved Aviary! Then it went away. Now Peacock is back is a downloadable application.

Yummy data goodness from TheNextWeb: “EU Commission unwraps public beta of open data portal with 5800+ datasets, ahead of Jan 2013 launch”

Apparently Google’s scan and match feature is replacing explicit songs with clean ones?

Is the “Google generation” going to be without creativity skills? Don’t agree with this at all.

The ever-fabulous Amit Agarwal has a neat article about a script-based way to keep your Google Contacts updated.

Interesting: most-viewed articles on various Wikipedias in 2012.

Google Chrome will be disallowing silent extension installs. Seriously — why did Chrome allow them in the first place?

More Chrome: Lifehacker has a roundup of the most popular Chrome extensions and posts of 2012.

More Google: domestic calls through GMail will remain free in 2013.

Even MOOOOORE Google: Google lists the best Android apps of 2012.

Ancestry making a lot of records free through 29 December:

Nifty: Nine cloud operating systems you can try out for free. Good evening, Internet…

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