Banned Words, Site Scraping, E-Mail, Social Networks, Alaska, More: TGIF Morning Buzz, December 28, 2012

What words do you want to banish in 2013? Totes and amazeballs? YES PLEASE. (I admit to spitting out my tea reading “for realballs.”)

Colorado’s Department of Revenue has built a Web site to track underage drinking.

Oooh, Robin Good brought TheWebMiner to my attention. It’s a data scraper and looks FUN.

Just about a year ago a calico cat showed up on our doorstep and proceeded to hang around peeking in the windows and singing wistfully until we gave in and welcomed her to our home. (Her name is Bojangles because she’s always making biscuits.) She was not chipped, and though she was a year old, she was not spayed. In honor of Bo’s one-year anniversary and the two days we had to keep her locked in the bathroom, here’s a directory of low-cost spaying and neutering programs.

TechCrunch has a story about an interesting new mail client, Inky. Have I mentioned lately how much I miss Eudora? Sadly, Inky is currently available only for Windows and Mac…

What were the most popular locations on Instagram in 2012?

Interesting: social networks can predict course grades? “The researchers analyzed data from a BGU course that included assignments submitted online and Web site logs (containing 10,759 entries) to construct social networks of explicit and implicit cooperation among the students. The implicit connections are used to model all the social interactions that happened “offline” among the students: e-mails with questions, conversations in the lab while preparing the assignments and even course forums. ”

A new digital library related to efforts to build a natural gas pipeline in Alaska: “The library, ‘The Pipe Files’ contains a wide variety of historical documents from various failed trans-Alaska natural gas pipeline efforts, including project work, environmental reports, exploration details and economic and engineering analyses stretching as far back as the 1970s.” It’s free.

Yesterday was Chrome, so today is Firefox: Lifehacker has the most popular Firefox extensions and posts of 2012.

Genealogists! Got Irish roots? Here’s how to search them online. Good morning, Internet…

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