Lycos (?!), Google, Italy, Yahoo, SnapChat, More: Sleepy Saturday Morning Buzz, December 29, 2012

Whaaaaa? Lycos is going to launch a new search engine in 2013?

BetaList notes Pinster, a new optimization and monitoring tool for Pinterest.

In case you’re into getting under the hood: An Updated Guide to Google Webmaster Tools.

Italy has published a large archive of Catholic art.

Yahoo is testing a new home page design? Weren’t they just testing a new home page design about ten minutes ago?

Phil Bradley takes a look at the Google Plus directory.

Interesting article from OpenForum: Ten amazing productivity apps you aren’t using.

Those “temporary” SnapChat photos and videos? They’re not.

Smashing Magazine pointed me towards Plaan — which offers customizable blank planning pages for free.

There’s a new Internet Explorer zero-day flaw making the rounds.

Useful from Mashable: 5 ways to Back Up Your Hard Drive.

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    • From the article: “Because so much of Italy’s artistic patrimony is Church-related, the catalogue has called upon an unusual alliance between Church officials and the state’s cultural sector, who have shared the resources and responsibilities of a €51.6 million ($68.1 million) budget.”

      — I’m sorry, I interpreted that to mean Italy; unfortunately I do not read Italian and can’t go to the source…

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