Public Domain Day, Kansas, Google, More: First Buzz of 2013 Buzz, January 2, 2013

Did you celebrate Public Domain Day yesterday?

The new Twitter genealogy chats sound like a lot of fun!

The state of Kansas has upgraded the Kansas County District Court Records Search on its Web site. You can now do court record searches from your mobile phone. (It’s still a pay service, however.)

The top words of 2012. The top word was apocalypse, which makes me sad.

PC World Slideshow: Google’s biggest hits and misses of 2012. Don’t agree with all of these — I didn’t think I would but I love my Chromebook (I use it for work.)

Speaking of Google, here’s your 2012 Doodle Roundup.

Wow, fascinating: three out of four heads of state are now on Twitter. “Analyses as of December 2012 reveal that 75%, or three out of four heads of state, have a presence on the social media site Twitter. A total of 123 world leaders out of 164 countries have Twitter accounts set up in their personal name or through an official government office. The new figures represent a 78% increase in the number of heads of state and national governments on Twitter from the third quarter of 2011.”

ScraperWiki is getting a reboot.

Y’all seem to like productivity links, so here you go: 20 best mobile productivity apps of 2012.

You know that IE zero-day flaw I mentioned a few days ago? There is a fix available. Not a patch, though — a fix. Just something to keep it from happening until the patch comes out. Good morning, Internet..

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  1. Also making me sad is your spelling of apocolypse! (grin)

    More seriously, thank you so much for your wonderful posts over the years. I read only a handful of blogs from outside my field of expertise (automotive) and yours is one! Excellent work, every single time!

    • Alas, that’s what I get for putting up a post at 3:30am. None of my spelling neurons work at that hour.

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