Google, Ubuntu, Irish Newspapers, More: Morning Buzz, January 3, 2013

Wall Street Journal (read for free): There’s no avoiding Google+.

Very interesting story from the LA Times: Report links Google, Yahoo to Internet piracy sites: “USC’s Annenberg Innovation Lab ranked Google and Yahoo among the top 10 advertising networks that support major piracy sites around the world, based on the lab’s analysis of online ads [on Web sites] that receive the most copyright infringement notices.”

More Google: Google and Microsoft are having a bit of a slap fight: “On Microsoft’s public policy blog today, Microsoft VP & Deputy General Counsel Dave Heiner has an extensive post complaining about YouTube’s lack of support for its mobile platform, and how that affects its users. The gist is that Microsoft has been trying for years to get a proper YouTube app working, and has developed its own app to bring a high-quality experience to Windows Phone devices. But YouTube has prevented Microsoft from making the same features available to iOS and Android users available on its platform.”

Even more Google: is it about to settle its antitrust probe?

Ubuntu has launched an operating system for phones.

Dear Myrtle has a note about the top rated software for genealogy in 2012.

It’s 2013 and we still have browser wars.

In a stunning display of stupidness and complete denial of the fact THAT IT IS 2013 NOT 1996 AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ANYWAY, the National Newspapers of Ireland want to charge for links to their articles. Not reproductions. Not excerpts. Links. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of sympathy for content that is scraped, stolen, and otherwise repurposed without the permission of its creator. But how does a mere link to an Irish newspaper’s content hurt it such that it feels the need to demand 300 Euro?

Here is the list of 2013 Banished Words from Lake Superior State University. YOLO? Thank you. Good morning, Internet…

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