Wikipedia, Yahoo, Pennsylvania, Facebook, More: Cold Morning Buzz, January 15, 2013

Wikipedia is launching a travel site.

Yahoo has added Flickr CC images to its search. Shouldn’t this have been a no-brainer?

Search Engine Watch has an Instagram analytics roundup.

Conversation platform bloggy thingie Branch has left private beta. I can imagine this being very useful — it’d be great to have a place more structured than Facebook for open conversations — but on the other hand I can imagine starting a lot of conversations and no one responding and feeling like a dork.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has expanded its online case database. “The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts announced earlier this week that the electronic docket sheets for more than 4.1 million of these types of cases would be available on the website of the state’s Unified Judicial System, which is”

Coming soon to Universiti Malaysia Terengganu — a digital library.

Now available from Iowa State University — a new women in Iowa politics database. “The analysis of the 2012 election results can be found on the “Women in Iowa Politics” database created and maintained by the Catt Center. The online database also includes reports and fact sheets on women elected to state, county and municipal offices. Hennings wants to provide an accurate picture of the political involvement of women in Iowa.”

A new digital archive for Turkey is being prepared. “Turkey’s Culture and Tourism Ministry is shedding new light on the late Ottoman Empire and early Turkish Republic like never before by releasing restored films and images of national leaders that have never been published before.”

Blekko has created a search engine for tablets. I would write an article about it but I don’t have a tablet I use online (sorry Rich!)

Wow, Facebook has over 200 million users?

Hey! Harvard University Press is launching an Emily Dickinson archive this fall! Good morning, Internet…

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  1. I think you meant that LinkedIn has over 200 million users, not Facebook. (Facebook has 1 billion, right?)

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