Volcanoes, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, More: Monday Afternoon Buzz, January 21, 2013

Now available: a database of the deadliest volcano eruptions.

This is kind of neat: some of the best Quora threads of 2012.

So apparently the Library of Congress is having a little trouble with the Twitter archive…

The Internet Archive now has an Aaron Swartz archive:

The New York State Court of Appeals has announced a new online database. “The system, called Court-PASS, will be maintained as a permanent public archive for documents related to cases at the state’s highest court that were pending or filed after Jan. 1.” It’ll be free.

Interesting take from Phil Bradley: Why the new Facebook Graph Search is important for librarians.

Well, crap. LinkedIn is getting rid of answers. I found it extremely useful even though I occasionally got my face flamed off.

YouTube has cut funding for WSJ and Reuters channels. (Kind of surprised they were funding them in the first place.) has added a bunch to its US Vital Records collections. “We recently added more than 58 million United States vital records. These 27 new collections contain birth, death, or marriage information from 21 states.”

Interested in the Semantic Web? There’s a free open course starting February 4. Good afternoon, Internet…

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