NASA, D&D, Washington Post, Blinkx, More: Tuesday Morning Cold Cold Buzz, January 22, 2013

DigitalTrends has created a roundup of the best job search Web sites.

Dick Eastman has an article about a buffet of Irish genealogy records available free on Thursday, which is apparently Irish History Day.

Nice: the basics of organizing your genealogy.

NASA has opened up its exoplanet archive/database.

PC World goes hands-on with the new Mega storage service from Kim Dotcom. It gives you 50GB free space. I haven’t tried it yet — I don’t know what I’d do with that much space!

O Bliss: How I cleaned 1328 e-mails out of my in-box in an hour. Considering that I currently have 34,022 e-mails in my work in-box, I would only have to repeat this technique over the course of about 25.61 hours! (I used to try to keep them tagged/organized, but realized that was time I could be spending actually, you know, TAKING ACTION ON THE E-MAILS, so –)

The Washington Post has launched a social trending feature.

Social Media Examiner has a big ol’ article on getting started with the new MySpace.

Video search engine blinkx has relaunched. ”

Wizards of the Coast has launched a new digital archive of those old standalone adventures along with a variety of rulebooks, including the red core rulebook from 1981. Yes, you will have to pay money and what you get is a watermarked PDF. But still. NERDTASTIC. Good morning, Internet…

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