Twitter, Google, WordPress, MORE: Friday Afternoon Buzz, January 25, 2013

Twitter analysis is turning into an entire research frontier. The latest: better analysis of Twitter for flu-related tweets.

Google has started a new one stop shop for Google Apps help.

The Empirical Studies of Conflict Project has created a data archive. “The site is devoted to data on Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam, with more countries to be added in coming years. There are hundreds of maps, geographical, demographic and socioeconomic data files, links to publications and university databases and other materials related to the study of conflict.”

Tumblr has gotten an update.

Google has updated its transparency report. “User data requests of all kinds have increased by more than 70 percent since 2009, as you can see in our new visualizations of overall trends. In total, we received 21,389 requests for information about 33,634 users from July through December 2012.”

Twitter now lets you share very short videos using Vine. (How short? Six seconds or less.

Useful: The five-minute guide to creating open office hours with Google calendar.

WordPress has a new version available — 3.5.1. There are a couple of security updates in this release. Good afternoon, Internet…

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