Yahoo, Google, BitTorrent, Palaeography, More: Saturday Morning Buzz, January 26, 2013

MarketingLand notes an interview with Marissa Mayer where she provides some hints to Yahoo’s strategy.

You still can’t block sites in Google search results anymore.

Awesome Archives, which is one of my favorite Tumblr blogs, hipped me to a free online palaeography course.

Interesting article from the LOC: should you outsource your scanning or do it yourself?

YouTube is broadcasting some of the short films from Sundance. is bringing its interactive image viewer to more collections.

BitTorrent has launched a syncing service to complete with Dropbox.

Google is upgrading its image search.

I missed the news that the Internet Archive’s Wayback machine now has over 5 petabytes of data. Dude!

This is very cute: an app to archive your children’s artwork. Good morning, Internet…

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