Twitter, OpenStreetMap, Twitter, More: Wednesday Morning Buzz, January 30, 2013

From Lifehacker: The most sadistic apps that force you to get stuff done. Oh my!

Linden Lab has released dio into open beta. Linden Lab are the Second Life folks. dio is described like this: “In dio, you create places by adding text, photos, videos, and interactive objects into interconnected ‘rooms’ that give spatial context to the content you share. You can keep your places private, share them with friends and family, or allow everyone to explore and enjoy them. Live and persistent chat allows you to socialize with other users as you discover and explore dio places together and see what those who came before you had to say. In the future, dio users will be able to monetize the dio places they create, enabling them to profit from their own creativity.” I played with it a little and I was “meh,” but I didn’t do anything with the creation side of it.

Congratulations to OpenStreetMap for amassing one million contributors.

From the always lovely Smashing Magazine, a pointer to an excellent social media sizing cheat sheet.

Pinterest is rolling out a new look and nav to some users.

The latest tech property to release a transparency report? Why, it’s Twitter! “In 2012 in the U.S., there were 815 ‘user information requests’ about 1,145 Twitter user accounts, and for 69 percent of those requests “some or all information” was given to the agencies. The majority of the “requests” — 60 percent — were subpoenas, 19 percent were search warrants and 11 percent were court orders for the information.”

More Twitter: Robin Good had a writeup on TweetDig, which may allow me to increase my list of “tools that I can use for filtering Twitter without wanting to punch a wall” to TWO PRODUCTS.

12 Plus provides Twelve Super Handy Chrome Extensions.

Google has created more detailed maps of North Korea thanks to crowdsourcing. And apparently people are already reviewing North Korean gulags on Google+. So uncomfortable… Good morning, Internet.

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