Twitter, Genealogy, Dropbox, YouTube, More: Sunday Morning Buzz, February 3, 2013

So apparently Twitter got hacked. It’s way better than a security breach caused by a phenomenally bad password choice.

Java has released a security update for 50 vulnerabilities. Me: Only 50?

Roundup! Here are 16 alternatives to Google Analytics.

Remember that new Mega search engine I mentioned a few days ago? It’s already been blocked.

Keep ’em on your radar: Razor Social has a list of social media tools in beta it considers worth tracking.

From Mocavo: 5 little used records for genealogical research.

Dropbox has added new photo views and document previews.

Coming soon — premium YouTube channels?

And Wolfram|Alpha does some analysis of the Super Bowl. My prediction? CHICAGO CUBS WIN. Good morning, Internet…

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