Twitter, French Pamphlets, Animated GIFs, Photo Editing Software, More: Tuesday Morning Buzz, February 5, 2013

Last Super Bowl thing, I promise: Google gives a roundup of the hot Super Bowl searches.

Twitter is set to unveil some new security measures, according to Fast Company.

SEO Roundtable reports on some new possible interface tests by Google.

Interesting overview of what social networks were mentioned in the national commercials. Hint: Twitter won.

In other fun news, HBO apparently filed a DMCA copyright notice against itself. (Snicker snicker whee!)

The University of Maryland is undertaking a project to digitize 300 French pamphlets published in the late 18th century. “The pamphlets reveal valuable information about French society during the upheaval of the Revolution (June 1788-December 1804) and provide cultural historians, linguists and political scientists with important source material to study history, language, politics, government and social issues.”

Hey neat! A new search engine for animated GIFs.

Another nice roundup from Digital Trends: free photo editing software. This roundup covers both desktop and Web-based software. I heart Gimp. Heart heart heart.

Google has launched a YouTube profile design but it’s in limited beta.

Not my fave rave holiday, but Larry Ferlazzo has you covered for great Valentine’s Day sites. Good morning, Internet…

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