Google, Wolfram|Alpha, Ocean Power, More: Skinny Sunday Morning Buzz, February 10, 2013

Using Wolfram|Alpha to get information on…. tire sizes?

Wow, Boris at TheNextWeb is getting audacious about replacing e-mail.

The Resources for the Future Library Blog has a nice pointer towards a new database on ocean power from the Department of Energy.

The State of Tennessee Web site now allows users to verify resale and tax exemption certificates.

Robin Good’s got an interesting writeup about a new resource called SlideTalk, which lets you convert a slide show into a video complete with voiceover. Theoretically; he did note he couldn’t get it to work…

Here’s hoping you don’t need it, but in case you do — how to find a job using Twitter.

Google has improved its bandwidth options for Google+ Hangouts.

Nice! Ten tools for creating infographics and visualizations from seomoz.

Danny Sullivan notes a Google search bug that apparently delivers porn results when your searches are contradictory or difficult. I was not able to replicate his bug examples, however. Google fixed already? Good morning, Internet…

Categories: morningbuzz

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