Google Docs, Weather, Alabama, More: Rainy Monday Morning Buzz, February 11, 2013

DigitalTrends has a quick overview on how to make Twitter lists.

ChannelAdvisor does a thorough analysis of Google’s acqusition of Channel Intelligence.

Another lovely from Hongkiat, included here because it came up at work recently: Five best places to send a fax for free.

Need some help using Google Docs? This lady has put together a ton of tutorials.

Hmmm, more malware warnings from Google Chrome over the weekend?

Google Analytics has started a solutions gallery.

The NOAA has released a new smartphone app to allow users to anonymously submit precipitation information.

The EPA is taking steps to become more transparent about the performance of its enforcement and compliance programs around the country. “…the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the release of state dashboards and comparative maps that provide the public with information about the performance of state and EPA enforcement and compliance programs across the country. … The dashboards and maps include state level data from the last five years and provide information including the number of completed inspections, types of violations found, enforcement actions taken, and penalties assessed by state.”

The state of Alabama has launched a housing finder. “The website offers landlords, including those with critically-needed affordable and special-needs housing, a place to advertise properties at no cost, while helping renters find units that fit their specific needs. Listings can include pictures, maps, and information about nearby amenities such as parks, schools and hospitals. Features for renters include quick links to housing resources as well as rent-affordability and moving-cost calculators.”

Want to see a roundup of storm pictures from Nemo? Check out, from NBC News. Good morning, Internet…

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