Beowulf, Google Reader, 3D Printers, Yahoo, More: On a Roll Tuesday Morning Buzz, February 12, 2013

Barack Obama is giving a “State of the Union” address today. Thursday? Google Hangout.

Wow. Thanks to the British Library, you can now read the manuscript to Beowulf online.

Google Reader was having some trouble over the weekend. I use Google Reader and Feeddler Pro a lot, and was wondering what was going on. (Feeddler Pro is just lovely by the way. In fact, it’s easier to use Google Reader on my iPhone with Feeddler Pro than it is to use Google Reader on the desktop. And that is saying something.) According to the comments on this story it’s fixed.

I find this stuff fascinating, how about you? Engadget has a consumer’s guide to 3-D printers.

Ouch. Flickr had a privacy issue that made some users’ private photos viewable by the public.

From Twitter for diplomats!

Yahoo, what the heck? Very disturbing story on Krebs: “At a time when Apple, Mozilla and other tech giants are taking steps to prevent users from browsing the Web with outdated versions of Java, Yahoo! is pushing many of its users in the other direction: The free tool that it offers users to help build Web sites installs a dangerously insecure version of Java that is more than four years old.”

The National Library of Australia is going to add a bunch of titles to its online archives.

Bing wants your State of The Union experience to be more interactive: “Bing and FOX News Channel have partnered to launch the first-of-its-kind Bing Pulse online voting tool, which enables Americans to track and share opinions in real time during the president’s State of the Union speech.” (FOX News?)

Yes, I am a nerd, but I love these post-event stat breakdowns that Twitter provides. In this case the Grammys. Good morning, Internet…

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